Sunday, 19 April 2015

True Blue Jewellery


So I am ready to launch with you my new jewellery company.  It is homemade quirky, individual and vintage pieces.   I have always had an interest for jewellery making and used to try and sell it at my mums work when I was 13 years old.  Of course I have had plenty of practice since then and have now launched my TRUE BLUE jewellery brand, hope you enjoy :)

True Blue Jewellery is a home-made jewellery company from the heart of mid Wales. True Blue Jewellery will never replicate its jewellery if it is stated as a one off, guaranteeing that the item you are wearing is unique and original. You are the only person who owns it.

Please go online and purchase and let me know what you think!

Here are a few of my favourites from my collection.


This is just a taster, so go on my online shop to look at more!  I also do a 'Something Blue' wedding section too which is mostly bespoke.  I do hair pins, garters, jewellery and anything your bridezilla needs!!!

Delirium Magaine


So I completely forgot to share my Final Major Project magazine with you from last year!  It was called Delirium and was based on female hysteria which we all know is cured by the orgasm.  Content included a photoshoot with fetish clothes from Eine-Studios, an interview with a vibrater designer, artist interviews with Clayton Cubitt who took pictures of women orgasming while reading a book and Anna Schuleit who filled a mental asylum with flowers and many more!!! Here are a few sneak peak pictures, if you would like a copy of it, just drop me an email!!!

A few pictures from my photo-shoot.  A modern twist on fetish wear modelled by my good friend Nicole Phillips!!

Bare Minerals convert!!


I am a Bare minerals convert!!! My sister has been trying to get me to try it for about 6 years, but I was put off by the price and thought it couldn't be that amazing. But I am so surprised and shocked! Why didn't I try it earlier? I have never found a foundation that makes my skin look so good! It feels light, it's easy, you hardly put any on and it stays on all day! It may look pricey, but as you don't use much, the bottle lasts about 3 times longer than a normal foundation. Here are my choices :

1) The prime time foundation primer which comes in at £22. This leaves your face feeling really silky and makes your makeup stay on all day.

2) The Bareskin pure brightening serum foundation which comes in at £26.  My face has a really even skintone to it and I feel porcelain and glowing.
3) The Perfecting face brush which comes in at £24.  You put a drop in the dimple of the brush and buff it on your face.  It blends the foundation really well into your skin and also means there is no mess!
4) Ready blusher in the colour ' The Secret's Out' comes in at £22.  The smallest amount ever is
 required.  Applied to the top of your cheekbone instantly gives you an English rose look.
5) And finally, to complete your perfect skin look, you need the correcting concealer which comes in at £21.  If applied in a sun like shape under your eyes, it makes you look so bright and awake. If you are having a bad spot day, you wouldn't even know they were their with this concealer, it makes them blend into your skin and doesn't fade all day.
You apply it like the picture on the left, not the right!!
For my face, I am very pale so used the palest foundation and concealer that Bare Minerals had and my blush is 'The Secret's Out'.  Here is my finished look Bare minerals style!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


EINE studios review

The EINE 003 Collection


by Hannah Taylor

The EINE 003 collection was introduced
on the 15th September at the contemporary
Passione Vino store. Unlike previous collections, this
collection was launched during London Fashion Week,
demonstrating how much the brand has

Five models appeared, dressed in the new

collection, three stood visible behind the open
 front doors, the other 2 models stepped up into
the windows,dramatically lit with well-placed
flood lights. This effective opening certainly
captivated the crowd, which was waiting outside
in a queue that trailed some way down the street.
 It was a well-staged, vivid moment that introduced
the collection with a spectacle that saw many in the
 crowd scrambling for their phones to seize the moment,
 ready to be shared. The evening continued when guests were
ushered in past the models then downstairs to the vast
choices of delicious wines. In classic EINE style, the models
 joined in and mingled with a variety of guests from fashion
through gastronomy to the fetish scene.

Gone is the olive green and black harnessing of last

 year and in comes light pink, tan coloured leather and
transparent materials introducing a more feminine and playful
feel to go with the fetish accessories and tailored menswear
influence. A guiding inspiration for this debut collection
 (No.003) was the film ‘The bitter tears of Petra von Kant';
the obsessive, passionate tale of a women who falls in
 love with her muse.

This collection contains tailored blazers and trousers

in a powder pink cotton gabardine, shiny black PVC,
 dark and clear transparent polyurethane in addition
to pink shirts in spun silk. Also peplum-frilly accessories,
 leather straps, belts and harnesses in a tan colour transform
 the rather classic silhouettes and make this collection more
playful and feminine.

The hosts for this event, Passione Vino are specialist

 buyers for artisan and organic wines from Italy.
The team travels the length and breadth of Italy
 sourcing wines for their exquisite selection
, sharing with us unknown pearls from the Italian
wine industry.

Proving every woman can indulge in her desires

 at this ‘Tasting Pleasure’ event, the couture
screams ‘welcome to confidence!’ EINE
 is a sensual range of luxury apparel
 that celebrates the female soul,
 and the female soul is definitely
something to celebrate!
Photos of the launch and the collection
are available online via the
 EINE Facebook page.
For further information on the brand,
 to shop and book private appointments
at the studio, go to
or go to
 the twitter page

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer favourites


1) Drinking from Jam jars - Gives a quirky element to any party.

2) Pleated midi skirts - Funky, fresh and summery.

-£28 from Asos

3) Hand written letters - Receiving a letter from my boyfriend in Afghanistan is the nicest thing ever.

4) Pimms - Pimms oclock all day every day this summer!

Monday, 15 July 2013

EINE Studios


Launch Party Video


EINE Studios


Over the past month, I have been working as fashion assistant for Petra Metzger on the launch of her brand EINE.  It has been a very exciting experience.

EINE – a woman, her desire, her pleasure.
EINE is a new and inviting perspective on dressing that seeks to enrich the pleasure and enjoyment of dressing- up by engaging women in an exploration of the sensual, emotional and sexual.EINE is a sensual range of luxury apparel that celebrates the splendor of female desire. It offers sumptuous pieces for women to indulge their amorous delights and secret desires. EINE’s soul-wear enriches the intimacy of garment and body, allowing women to explore their fantasies and embody their own erotic domain.

Petra Metzger is the founder and designer of EINE. Following her graduation from the acclaimed Fashion MA at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in 2012 she showed her collection at London Fashion Week. Petra Developed her dressmaking skills while working alongside innovative designers such as Haider Ackermann, Hussein Chalayan and Peter Jensen. Her work is distinguished by its strong tailoring and its unabashed celebration of woman. Petra makes garments that women love to wear.

Beautiful artwork


My very talented twin sister is a very good artist, she uses just a biro and makes masterpieces!  Unfortunately for me I didn't take any of the art skills as I cannot draw to save my life!  Here on a website that I designed for her, is all her work!  It is available on a made to order basis and she is open to requests.

Friday, 26 April 2013

50 facts about me


1) My full name is Hannah Mary Taylor.
2) I was born on 5//2/92 making me 21!
3) I have a twin sister called Emma and a little sister called Alice.

4) My Idol is Audrey Hepburn.
5) I grew up in Buckinghamshire, then moved to Mid Wales at the age of 11.
6) I am now studing Fashion Journalism at the University of the Creative Arts in Epsom.
7) I am obsessed with pearls and anything vintage I will buy!
8) I met my boyfriend while taking a year out inbetween my first and second year in University, he was on a night out for his 25th birthday.
9) My boyfriend is in the Household Cavalry in the Army and is currently serving in Afghanistan.

10) My favourite song is Euphoria by Loreen, but I also love Bat for Lashes, the 1975 and the XX.
11) I have met and a had a cup of tea with the Pet Shop Boys.
12) I have a peace sign tattoo underneath my ankle.
13) I am an1/8th Welsh.
14) Sex and the City is my obsession, I wish I was Carrie Bradshaw! I also wish the programme was real!
15) My Dad used to work for the BBC as a sound engineer and did all the sounds in the movie David Copperfield.
16) I would desperately like to go to New York and see the world.
17) In Starbucks I drink a caramel Machiata (shove the calories).

18) I am a massive dog lover and miss my dog Izzy so much when I am in Uni, she is a beauitful Weimeraner, I dislike cats for their lack of loyalty.
19) I make a mean Pea and Garlic soup.
20) I'd live off pitta bread and Homous if I could.
21) In a bad mood, I need Miranda or sex and the city to shake me out of it.
22) My favourite childhood movie is 'The Little Princess', I still watch it now and cry.
23) I cannot stand Sci-Fi movies!
24) I wish I could speak really good French, it's such a sexy language.
25) I am a really bad drinker, I don't know my limits and my nights always end up in a state.
26) I ran the Bristol half marathon in September 2012 in 2 hours 19 minutes.


27) I will eat basically anything except Liquorish, glazed cherries, raisins and anything anaseedy.
28) I have suffered an eating disorder from the age of 14, I took a year out of university after my first year and took severe counselling, I can now say at the age of 21 that I have finally beaten it!
29) I have a driving license but need to own a car!  A bike will do for now.
30) I wish I had smaller boobs, you don't appreciate having B size boobs until you get D's and can't cope.
31) I wanted to be a PE teacher all my life, then suddenly at 17 I switched to Fashion.
32) I live in tights and leggings, they're so comfy! I hate the way jeans pinch (and don't allow you to eat that tub of Ben and Jerrys).
32) I prefer diet coke to normal coke, I can't stand the syrup in it and the sugar content scares me.
33) On a night out I will drink white wine, Gin and tonics or a Cosmopolitan.
34) I am obsessed with shopping and used to spend hours on online websites adding clothes to a shopping basket and then printing them off as a reminder of the clothes I wanted!


35) I have never broken a bone, my worst injury was when I fell off my bike in France and had to have stitches.
36) My biggest achievemnet other than the bristol half marathon, was climbing Snowdon in time for Midnight at New Years with my Boyfriend.


37) I'd eat all my meals backward if I could, I love a big meal for breakfast and cereal before bed.
38) I hold onto the fact that if I fail as a Fashion Journalist, I'll make an amazing housewife.
39) I cannot wait to get married and have a family (cliche I know).
40) Forever on a diet that fails everyday.
41) I do love my exercise though and gym and run frequently.
42) I cannot stand sniffing, coughing or eating with your mouth open, if it wasn't for music and headphones, I would have commited a lot of murders.
43) I cannot sit still, I love travelling, this is just the UK, I will be in Bristol one weekend, cardiff the next then back to London.  Wait till I start Abroad!
44) I can never stick up for myself or be horrible to anyone and i am very sensitive as I am stupidly nice that it almost becomes a fault and a weekness instead of a good thing.
45) I cherish good friends and will never let them go.
46) I hate nothing more than being let down.

47) I love falling asleep to my twin sister on the phone.
48) I love Miranda Hart and I wish she was my best friend.
49) I have triplet girl cousins, Imogen, Annabel and Olivia and they are literally the best thing ever!
50) I wish money wasn't an issue and that there was world peace!!!