Friday, 26 April 2013

50 facts about me


1) My full name is Hannah Mary Taylor.
2) I was born on 5//2/92 making me 21!
3) I have a twin sister called Emma and a little sister called Alice.

4) My Idol is Audrey Hepburn.
5) I grew up in Buckinghamshire, then moved to Mid Wales at the age of 11.
6) I am now studing Fashion Journalism at the University of the Creative Arts in Epsom.
7) I am obsessed with pearls and anything vintage I will buy!
8) I met my boyfriend while taking a year out inbetween my first and second year in University, he was on a night out for his 25th birthday.
9) My boyfriend is in the Household Cavalry in the Army and is currently serving in Afghanistan.

10) My favourite song is Euphoria by Loreen, but I also love Bat for Lashes, the 1975 and the XX.
11) I have met and a had a cup of tea with the Pet Shop Boys.
12) I have a peace sign tattoo underneath my ankle.
13) I am an1/8th Welsh.
14) Sex and the City is my obsession, I wish I was Carrie Bradshaw! I also wish the programme was real!
15) My Dad used to work for the BBC as a sound engineer and did all the sounds in the movie David Copperfield.
16) I would desperately like to go to New York and see the world.
17) In Starbucks I drink a caramel Machiata (shove the calories).

18) I am a massive dog lover and miss my dog Izzy so much when I am in Uni, she is a beauitful Weimeraner, I dislike cats for their lack of loyalty.
19) I make a mean Pea and Garlic soup.
20) I'd live off pitta bread and Homous if I could.
21) In a bad mood, I need Miranda or sex and the city to shake me out of it.
22) My favourite childhood movie is 'The Little Princess', I still watch it now and cry.
23) I cannot stand Sci-Fi movies!
24) I wish I could speak really good French, it's such a sexy language.
25) I am a really bad drinker, I don't know my limits and my nights always end up in a state.
26) I ran the Bristol half marathon in September 2012 in 2 hours 19 minutes.


27) I will eat basically anything except Liquorish, glazed cherries, raisins and anything anaseedy.
28) I have suffered an eating disorder from the age of 14, I took a year out of university after my first year and took severe counselling, I can now say at the age of 21 that I have finally beaten it!
29) I have a driving license but need to own a car!  A bike will do for now.
30) I wish I had smaller boobs, you don't appreciate having B size boobs until you get D's and can't cope.
31) I wanted to be a PE teacher all my life, then suddenly at 17 I switched to Fashion.
32) I live in tights and leggings, they're so comfy! I hate the way jeans pinch (and don't allow you to eat that tub of Ben and Jerrys).
32) I prefer diet coke to normal coke, I can't stand the syrup in it and the sugar content scares me.
33) On a night out I will drink white wine, Gin and tonics or a Cosmopolitan.
34) I am obsessed with shopping and used to spend hours on online websites adding clothes to a shopping basket and then printing them off as a reminder of the clothes I wanted!


35) I have never broken a bone, my worst injury was when I fell off my bike in France and had to have stitches.
36) My biggest achievemnet other than the bristol half marathon, was climbing Snowdon in time for Midnight at New Years with my Boyfriend.


37) I'd eat all my meals backward if I could, I love a big meal for breakfast and cereal before bed.
38) I hold onto the fact that if I fail as a Fashion Journalist, I'll make an amazing housewife.
39) I cannot wait to get married and have a family (cliche I know).
40) Forever on a diet that fails everyday.
41) I do love my exercise though and gym and run frequently.
42) I cannot stand sniffing, coughing or eating with your mouth open, if it wasn't for music and headphones, I would have commited a lot of murders.
43) I cannot sit still, I love travelling, this is just the UK, I will be in Bristol one weekend, cardiff the next then back to London.  Wait till I start Abroad!
44) I can never stick up for myself or be horrible to anyone and i am very sensitive as I am stupidly nice that it almost becomes a fault and a weekness instead of a good thing.
45) I cherish good friends and will never let them go.
46) I hate nothing more than being let down.

47) I love falling asleep to my twin sister on the phone.
48) I love Miranda Hart and I wish she was my best friend.
49) I have triplet girl cousins, Imogen, Annabel and Olivia and they are literally the best thing ever!
50) I wish money wasn't an issue and that there was world peace!!!

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