Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The weighty issue


Many young people are getting caught up in the weight issue.  The truth is, when did it get so important?  When did you ever see Marilyn Monroe as a size zero? Never! Your goal should be to be healthy, which includes eating healthy and exercising, that will result in you looking good and not being overweight.  Your goal should not be to be super skinny, but healthy.  So think healthy!! Sitting there with a McDonalds and saying you wish you were thinner is not going to get you any sympathy. So no skipping meals or acting crazy, just eat your fruit and veg and get to the gym young ladies J As skipping meals lowers your metabolism and makes you lose weight slower, the trick is healthy but smaller portions often.  Ask your man or a friend how he prefers you? You’ll be shocked with your answer! Weight never used to be an issue as we have got lazier, we drive everywhere instead of walking like they used to and generally don’t do as much labour work.  Portion sizes have got bigger, what is seen as a meal has changed; bring back meat and two veg and fizzy drinks were a medicine instead of an alternative for water.

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