Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bare Minerals convert!!


I am a Bare minerals convert!!! My sister has been trying to get me to try it for about 6 years, but I was put off by the price and thought it couldn't be that amazing. But I am so surprised and shocked! Why didn't I try it earlier? I have never found a foundation that makes my skin look so good! It feels light, it's easy, you hardly put any on and it stays on all day! It may look pricey, but as you don't use much, the bottle lasts about 3 times longer than a normal foundation. Here are my choices :

1) The prime time foundation primer which comes in at £22. This leaves your face feeling really silky and makes your makeup stay on all day.

2) The Bareskin pure brightening serum foundation which comes in at £26.  My face has a really even skintone to it and I feel porcelain and glowing.
3) The Perfecting face brush which comes in at £24.  You put a drop in the dimple of the brush and buff it on your face.  It blends the foundation really well into your skin and also means there is no mess!
4) Ready blusher in the colour ' The Secret's Out' comes in at £22.  The smallest amount ever is
 required.  Applied to the top of your cheekbone instantly gives you an English rose look.
5) And finally, to complete your perfect skin look, you need the correcting concealer which comes in at £21.  If applied in a sun like shape under your eyes, it makes you look so bright and awake. If you are having a bad spot day, you wouldn't even know they were their with this concealer, it makes them blend into your skin and doesn't fade all day.
You apply it like the picture on the left, not the right!!
For my face, I am very pale so used the palest foundation and concealer that Bare Minerals had and my blush is 'The Secret's Out'.  Here is my finished look Bare minerals style!

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